Alter Bridge: 10 Awesome Tracks You've Never Heard

10. Watch Your Words (One Day Remains) Taken from the band's first album, and the one where although there are a few more balladic tracks sprinkled throughout, it's fist-punchers like Find The Real, Metalingus and this that really showed where they were heading. From Tremonti's mid-tempo riff that'd most likely impregnate the nearest living female, to Myles' declarative and confrontational lyrics, the whole thing just lands with so much weight after the quieter intro it forces you to take notice. The real treat - and something that would come to define AB's instrumentation overall - is the layered way the band approaches choruses, with both guitars intertwining before synching up underneath only for Tremonti to then branch off and deliver some of the most subtly enjoyable licks on the whole album.
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