Alter Bridge: 10 Trivia Facts Only Super-Fans Will Know

10. Which Of Their Songs Was The First To Top Two Mainstream Rock Charts Consecutively?

The song that propelled the band into stadiums. The absolute barnstormer that is Isolation was the first thing we heard from third album, AB III, and it remains one of the most enjoyably crunchy yet endlessly anthemic rock songs of the last decade.

Thankfully, following mass radio play and every fan under the sun screaming its praises, Isolation took the top spot on both the US Active Radio chart for five weeks, and Billboard's 'Hot Mainstream Rock' chart, where it sat unopposed for seven weeks.

Launching almost fully-formed out the gate after Tremonti played the lead riff to Myles before heading into the studio, there's an almost Sleep Now in the Fire-like bounce that was always going to have mass appeal.

Here's to many more crowds chanting in unison for years to come.

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