Alter Bridge: 10 Trivia Facts Only Super-Fans Will Know

Alter Bridge and Game of Thrones. You connect the dots.

Alter bridge game of thrones
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Since forming in 2004, Alter Bridge have steadily amassed one of the most impressive bodies of music in recent memory. Not one song has been lambasted, not one record didn't build on what went before - each and every year has seen the dedicated group go from clubs and small venues to thousands-strong arenas and festivals.

2017 sees them one step away from headlining the mighty Download Festival in the UK, a position that if they ever should get it, would be one cheered on my millions upon millions of fans. Named The AB Nation, Alter Bridge's rise to prominence has helped cultivate one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of rock and metal.

From knowing their Cauterizes from their Citizen Swings to getting the band's artwork emblazoned on their skin for eternity (hence the Blackbird tattoo on my arm as I type this), there's something quite special about the band that's lit a fire under rock n' roll in the present day overall.

Us fans have known the group deserve only the highest of praise through and through, and to celebrate that, let's take a look back and some really awesome trivia facts that only the dedicated fans will know.

For fun, give yourself a score of zero and add a point every time you know one of the following questions and points. Let us know your scores in the comments below!

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