Alter Bridge At The Royal Albert Hall: 7 Ups & 0 Downs

7. Up - The Band


Alter Bridge are one of the most professional, hard working and humble bands working right now. They are four incredibly talented guys, and this show is just another example of that.

Not just any band would be able to make a show with a full orchestra work, but the guys have all the credentials you could ever want. Their catalogue of songs is balanced perfectly between heavy hitters and stripped back emotional tear jerkers.

Listening to these tracks on a CD is one thing, but it isn't until you see them live that you can truly appreciate the skill, technique and chemistry between the four.

This was on display in the Royal Albert Hall as the band put on show to be proud of, with or without the orchestra. More about Myles later, Mark is incredibly talented as both a guitarist and a backing vocalist, and even had a chance to flex his lead vocal muscles through the performance of Waters Rising.

With Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums driving and dictating every song, the band were as strong as they have ever been.


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