Alter Bridge At The Royal Albert Hall: 7 Ups & 0 Downs

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime show.


On the 2nd and 3rd October 2017, Alter Bridge played their most ambitious gigs in their long history at The Royal Albert Hall in London, accompanied by The Parallax Orchestra; a full 52 piece orchestra.

With this being the first time the band had ever attempted a show like this, there were definitely question marks over how everything would go and how it would received by the band's loyal fans.

Thousands travelled to London from all over the world for these two shows, and with them they brought high expectations. Such a level of hype has been earned by Alter Bridge over the years, but this was a step into the unknown - understandably, knowing the pressure to deliver would be even higher for a show like this, there was a level of anticipation like never before.

Now, this was supposed to be an ups and downs article discussing both the good points and bad points of the show, but there really isn't a single bad thing that could be said about this performance. Alter Bridge at the Royal Albert Hall was a stunning display in every way - an experience that every person involved should be proud of.


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