Alter Bridge At The Royal Albert Hall: 7 Ups & 0 Downs

5. Up - Parallax Orchestra


This show has been the most ambitious project The Parallax Orchestra has ever undertaken, and with it came immense pressure from a fan base that they were completely new to. Conducted by Simon Hobson, the 52 piece orchestra lived up to every expectation possible, and were the main reason why this was one of the greatest shows Alter Bridge have ever played.

What The Parallax Orchestra brought to the proceedings was an effortless grace that both complimented the slower songs like Watch Over You and In Loving Memory, and at the same time beautifully matched the heavy, driving guitars during songs such as Cry of Achilles.

The range of the group was astounding.

Alter Bridge have a wide range of songs of different styles, tempos and energy, and through the 22 song set, there was not one song that wasn't made better by the inclusion of the orchestra. They achieved something that before this show was thought to be impossible; The Parallax Orchestra somehow made Blackbird sound even better.


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