Alter Bridge: Ranking All 5 Studio Albums

1. Blackbird

Blackbird is the greatest Alter Bridge album, and forever will be. The band had released One Day Remains which had successfully rid them of the Creed sigma for the most part, now it was time to really show what they were capable of.

Blackbird showed a much heavier side of Alter Bridge, expertly balancing the thrash of their approach to guitar and the melody of Myles' vocals. No other album presents the chemistry of the band quite like Blackbird.

However, this album could have nothing but the title song and it would still sit at number one. Blackbird is one of the greatest songs of this generation. The opening guitar passage lets the listener know they are about to hear something special, and it builds into what can only be described as a masterpiece.

Myles wrote this song for his friend who passed away, and with every word sung you can feel Myles’ pain, anger, sorrow, and when he says “One day I too will fly, and find you again”, you believe him.

Not only does Myles step up his already stepped up game here, the rest of the band matches him pound for pound, with a dual guitar solo that is one of the greatest of all time.

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