Alter Bridge: Ranking All 5 Studio Albums


None of the albums on this list are bad - and it would be unfair to say that any of these are the 'worst' - so I will refer to AB III as the fifth best album.

AB III, the least creatively named album here, boasts some of Alter Bridge’s strongest songs; Ghost of Days Gone By and Slip to the Void are still fan favourites to this day, and for a few years Isolation was played as part of the band’s encore – a place reserved for only the best, most popular tracks.

Also included is the heart-wrenching Wonderful Life; a beautiful, bittersweet song sang to absolute perfection by Myles (Slash doesn’t call him Mr. Miraculous for nothing). The only reason that this is fifth best and not higher, is because AB III is the darkest of the albums; there is a definitive tone that is rarely found throughout the rest of the albums.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there is nothing wrong with a more sombre feel, and while they are good songs in their own right, you have to be in the right mood to listen to the likes of Still Remains or Show Me a Sign.

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