Eminem - Kamikaze: Every Song Ranked From Worst To Best

Shady's back.


Eminem’s surprise ninth studio album Kamikaze took the hip-hop landscape by storm when it was released earlier this month. Although some reviews were mixed, the general consensus was that Shady was back to his best, at least from a technical stand point.

Eminem cleary heard the criticism launched at his previous effort Revival which never did quite feel like something that belonged in his oeuvre. Partly due to its pop features and political overtones, it was somewhat lacking in identity; something that even the lesser of Eminem’s albums, such as Relapse, always maintained.

And it turns out Eminem was not very happy with that criticism. The panning of Revival has awoken the hunger (and anger) in Marshall that has been missing for some time, and has led to his finest work in quite some time.

Kamikaze is an album featuring a rapper out to prove that no one can rap better than him. After listening to the eleven tracks it would be hard to argue.

So let’s break down this return to form of one of hip-hop’s greats, track by track.

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