Green Day: 6 Reasons You Should Still Listen To Dookie 20 Years On

6. Dookie Inspired So Many Great Artists

Lady Gaga Dookie's confidant and assertive sound was the source of great inspiration for a long list of artists who credit Dookie with giving them the vision and confidence to create their own music. Lady Gaga has been very vocal about how much she loved Green Day's third album. In her typical Gaga way she has said 'I remember when I bought Green Day's 'Dookie'. I just wanted to lick the pages from the booklet! That particular album, I mean, it is iconic'. It was the first album she ever bought and it's easy to see Green Day's 'we don't care' attitude in the way Gaga expresses herself. Another band that has not been quiet about how much of their career they owe to Dookie includes Canadian Skater-punk band Sum 41, who credited Basket Case's energy and original sound with inspiring them to start their own band. New Found Glory credit Green Day as been the band's one greatest influence, uniting them above and beyond their other differing tastes. But as well as directly inspiring these artists, Dookie blew the door open for other bands to adopt the new-punk attitude and inject it into music. Bands like No Doubt, Taking Back Sunday, The Offspring, Yellowcard and (whether you like it or not) Blink 182 have all cited the importance of Dookie to their careers and they would not have enjoyed the success and positive reception they enjoyed had Green Day not pushed punk into mainstream by signing with a major label for their third album.
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