Green Day: 6 Reasons You Should Still Listen To Dookie 20 Years On

Released two decades ago this month, Dookie still holds an astounding brilliance.

Green Day Dookie In the past few decades, Green Day have become the most successful punk band in the world. They've released 11 studio albums, sold 75 million copies worldwide, won five Grammys and even spawned a hit Broadway musical. There's not much Green Day haven't achieved but it seems like just yesterday that we were all astounded by the brilliance of their third album Dookie which was released 20 years ago this month. Whilst many of the bands inspired by Green Day's success have since fallen out of the public eye, why should Dookie remain on your iPod? What about this influential album makes it still worth a listen today? It goes hand in hand when discussing Green Day that opinion is divided in pretty dramatic ways. Some fail so see their influence and discredit the band with changing the punk scene at all. Others came to discover the band much later and prefer the more operatic, less energetic sounds of American Idiot causing a schism within Green Day fan groups themselves. Either way, it's difficult to appreciate the band without celebrating their first major success and here's why...
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