U2: 10 Best Album Tracks

10. The Electric Co.

The tenth track off U2’s debut album, Boy. The title is in reference to Electric Convulsion Therapy (ECT), which was a popular treatment in Irish mental hospitals and was used to treat patients with psychiatry problems. The band felt that this treatment was inhumane, and wrote the song about a friend of the band who tried to kill himself and was taken to a psychiatric hospital where ECT was practised.

The song is carried by a blistering guitar from The Edge that builds into Bono relaying what happens to you before, during and after you experience ECT treatment. Other than I Will Follow, The Electric Co. is the rockiest U2 get on their debut album as the band show off their skills as musicians for the first time.

A big live favourite in the early days of the band due to Bono famously climbing and hanging off the various parts of the stage, the song was played on nearly every show until 1987, where it underwent an 18 year hiatus and was not played again until 2005.

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