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12 Things You Didn't Know About Video Game Soundtracks

Some scores wrote themselves, others killed children. Possibly.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 "Innocent" Songs You Didn't Realise Were Filthy As A Kid

Boom boom boom boom!
By Nina Cresswell

10 Great Things In Metal This Week (8th Jan)

New year; new me(tal).
By Matt Mills

10 Bands Who Should Play President Donald Trump's Inauguration

Music for people who burn crosses.
By Ian Watson

10 Bands Synonomous With WWE

Let's play a game of one degree of WWE seperation.
By Tom Marriott

20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs Of 2016

Megadeth, Revocation, Amon Amarth and more have truly mastered the art of shredding.
By Matt Mills

10 Most Anticipated Rock And Metal Albums Of 2017

The most interesting and exciting releases in rock and metal coming your way in 2017.
By Luke Morton

12 Festive Songs That Probably Won’t Make The Airwaves This Christmas

Prepare to get your halls decked with a rare dose of festive attitude.
By Martyn Grant

10 Christmas Songs That Are Actually Good

Songs that transcend the typical festive cheese that blares on the radio.
By Steven Hooke

12 Great Things In Metal This Week (18th Dec)

In which Michael Fassbender proved that he is Hollywood's most metal actor.
By Matt Mills

20 Unsigned Metal Bands Everyone Needs To Hear

Because we need more Ramage, Inc. and These Septic Stars in the world.
By Matt Mills
+ Gaming

10 Best Video Game Soundtracks Of 2016

Graphics and game mechanics can age, but music lasts forever.
By Brian Wilson
+ Film

15 Greatest Fictional Bands Of All Time

The characters may be fictional, but that sweet music is oh so real.
By Jacob Trowbridge

20 Greatest Alternative Albums Of 2016

The most essential albums of 2016 that might have passed you by.
By William Boyd

10 Most Anticipated Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2017

Carcass, Marilyn Manson, Behemoth and more really want 2017 to out-metal 2016.
By Matt Mills

11 Great Things In Metal This Week (11th Dec)

Bloodstock Festival is starting to look better and better.
By Matt Mills

10 Best Pop Punk Albums Of 2016

Angst angst baby.
By Brian Wilson

15 Alternative Christmas Songs That Will Still Make You Feel Festive

Who needs Mariah bloody Carey?
By Chris Peet

10 Best Music Videos Of 2016

2016: the year we saw Donald Trump naked.
By Brian Wilson

9 Bands You Used To Love (But Can No Longer Listen To)

Guilt, shame and Axl Rose.
By Brian Wilson