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Rammstein: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Band? quiz

Du Hast... to take this Rammstein quiz!
By Sarah Myatt

50 Cent Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Curtis Jackson? quiz

There's a chance you could find him in 'Da Club'!
By Sarah Myatt

Katy Perry Quiz: How Well Do You Know Her? quiz

The ultimate test for all the KatyCats! Can you answer these 10 questions about the Queen of Quirk?…
By Thomas Ward

10 Metal Bands That Have Never Made A Bad Album

Celebrating the heavy artists that have brought us nothing but gems.
By Matt Mills

David Bowie In Space Quiz User quiz

When Bowie went cosmic...
By Brian Heller

Red Hot Chili Peppers Quiz: How Well Do You Know Anthony Keidis? User quiz

Are you a real Chilis fan?
By Dylan Rush

Quiz: Can You Identify The Year These One-Hit Wonders Came Out? User quiz

Now they're just some songs that I used to know...
By Soorya Thavaraj

BTS Quiz: Which Song Contains These Lyrics? (English Translation) User quiz

Are you a true ARMY?
By Nisha Paul

Pink Floyd - A Tough Quiz For The Most Die-hard Fans... User quiz

Test your fan knowledge of Pink Floyd with one of the toughest quizzes out there!
By David Richey

Megadeth Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Band? User quiz

Prove you're a true fan or someday you too will know my pain and smile its black toothed grin!
By Matthew Scherer

Nirvana: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About In Utero

Secretly Nirvana's most influential release?
By Jeffrey Valencia

XXL Freshmen 2019: Predicting All 10 Members

The rising stars of hip-hop that we deserve to see.
By Alex McMurray

11 Bizarrely Unnecessary Sequels To Classic Songs

If you thought Hollywood sequels were excessive, just wait 'til you hear these songs.
By Kieran Hair

Quiz: Who Rapped It - John Cena Or Vanilla Ice? quiz

Watch out, these lyrics can be lethal.
By Jacques Martin

5 Most Influential Grunge Band Frontmen

The defining voices of an entire musical movement.
By Jeffrey Valencia

10 Weirdest Wrestling Cameos In Music Videos

Ever wanted to see AJ Styles as a plumber or Captain Lou as a woman? Neither did we.
By Martyn Grant

The Rolling Stones Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Band? User quiz

You can be my partner in this quiz.
By Bedros Moorat

10 Great Rock & Metal Albums From 2018 You May Have Missed

You didn't get to listen to it all, so what exactly did you miss?
By Jordan Hanely

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Songs Of Queen? User quiz

Time to dust off the anthology and test your knowledge of this legendary band's back catalogue.
By Iain McDonald

Wrestling Faction Or Heavy Metal Band: Can You Identify Which Is Which? quiz

Chasing gold belts or gold records?
By Jacques Martin