10 Best Bill Murray Stories (That Nobody Believes Actually Happened)

1. The One Where He Got Lost In Bali And Entertained The Locals

As we know by now, Bill Murray likes to explore and goes wherever the wind takes him. In 2004 Murray's frequent co-star and director, the late Harold - Egon Spengler - Ramis, told a story about Murray to the New Yorker magazine which epitomizes his fun loving character more than any. The tales goes that Murray was visiting Bali, a frequent tourist destination for celebrities, although they usually stay in the same spots. Murray however decided to ride his motorcycle into the interior of the island and proceeded to get lost when the sun went down. Looking for directions, he went into a local grocery store, but the locals, surprised to see an American in that area, didn't speak English, so Murray communicated the only way he knew how, with comedy. Ramis stated that Murray began playing with a local's hat and when he was eventually found he was entertaining the whole village, who were naturally and happily eating up everything he was doing, despite having no idea what he was saying to them. This story, as well as the others show that Bill Murray's charisma and unpredictability set him in a league of his own, and he truly is an enigma and a law unto himself. And frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way. If you've got any other Bill Murray stories then please share them, but be warned, no one will ever believe you.
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