10 Best Bill Murray Stories (That Nobody Believes Actually Happened)

Everyone has a Bill Murray story, it's just that no one will ever believe you.

Bill Murray No One Will Believe You There are two types of people in this world, those who love Bill Murray and those who are liars. His body of work has spanned over three decades, from Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters to Lost in Translation and Monuments Men. For the current generation he's kind of always been a hero to us all, there's always a quote to remember or a story to tell. Put it this way, Bill Murray is like the modern day Jesus. Hear us out, we're not saying he's the son of God or anything, or that he's going around performing miracles - although he could be - but like Jesus, Bill Murray has developed a mythical reputation and with that stories so unbelievable and astonishing that we've convinced ourselves that they're true. And knowing Bill Murray and his penchant for the unpredictable, they very well may be. Everyone knows the stories about Murray's stand offish attitude to being a star, from rarely doing interviews and not having a publicist to only accepting job offers via an special voice mail and PO box. We've all also seen the videos of him bar tending at the SXSW festival and walking down a hallway in slow motion just because he can - he truly is an enigma. There's even a website dedicated to encounters with him. As the years have gone by, the legend of the Murricane has grown and the stories have become even more unbelievable, like these ten right here..
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