10 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

You can check out of these hotels any time you like, but the ghosts can never leave.

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Everyone loves a good ghost story. Whether you're sitting around a campfire with friends or alone in a dark room with Netflix, sometimes a spine-tingling tale of terror is what you need most to feel truly alive. We don't mind being scared senseless by these stories because at the end of the day - when the lights come back on - we know they're just that: stories. But how can we explain away the similar tales of ghosts over countless years from unconnected, totally separate sources? And why do all of these horrifying real-life ghost stories seem to come from hotels?

Maybe it's just that hotels are frequented by so many guests that some are bound to die within their walls and thus stories are spread about them. Maybe we're drawn to stories of haunted hotels because so many of the best horror films and books of recent memory have centered around them. Or maybe hotels really do draw visitors crossing over from the other side.

Which hotels around the world are home to hauntings that can't be considered purely fiction? Where do you need to stop at - but maybe not stay overnight in - on your next holiday? Read on to find out!

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