10 Most Underrated Board Games You Should Play

Fun for the whole family and sometimes family friends.


We're living in the golden age of board games, far removed from the days of having to choose between Monopoly, Blackpool Monopoly, or Hungry Hungry Hippos (but with only three hippos, the pink one is broken).

With so many options available it can be hard to decide what to spend your hard earned money on since board games aren't exactly cheap (you thinking they were cheap when you were a kid is down to you not being the one buying them, by the way).

We know the board games that have brought the industry into focus, with the friendship-killing Settlers Of Catan and unapologetically un-PC Cards Against Humanity being some of the best known, but occasionally a few titles slip through the cracks.

The current scope of board games is astonishingly diverse and it would be impossible to cover the entire spectrum of the industry, but many of the following tend to be highly regarded amongst people who frequent a table of frenemies, even though in the wider consciousness they remain something of an obscurity.

Card games count by the way. They're sold in the same area as board games, they count...

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