10 Outrageous Claims By UFO Whistleblowers

Why would President Obama teleport to Mars?


People claim to see unidentified flying objects all the time. There are even several reporting agencies, including MUFON and NUFORC, that can log your experiences into a database so the world can share in your experience. However most of these events simply chronicle unexplained lights in the skies.

But every now and then someone comes forward to discuss the UFO issue who has far more information to report than a simple sighting. People who work at high levels of government or who are privy to insider information sometimes decide that the knowledge they possess needs to go public.

This article is all about those people. The whistleblowers who have told their stories to the world and shocked ufology circles to the core. Some of the claims are more believable than others. All of them are at least a little outrageous. 

From the experienced astronauts to the anonymous reporters, they all have a story to tell regarding extraterrestrial visitors. Some have personally witnessed alien crafts while others claim that a secretive recruitment effort is ongoing to send humans to settlements on Mars.

No reader should proceed in this article expecting to believe everything presented. Some of these accounts are a little convincing but the point is that they are mostly preposterous in nature.

Maybe the whistleblowers are 100% telling the truth. If so, this reality is far more twisted than any of us could have ever imagined...


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