10 Terrifying Monsters That (We Hope!) Don't Exist

9. The Beast Of Bray Road

Wolfie Standing at around 7ft tall, the Best of Bray Road is usually described as a bipedal, wolf-like creature that haunts a lonely stretch of rural roadside just outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Imagine the result if Bigfoot mated with a werewolf and you€™re getting there... Surely conventional science does not allow for the existence of such a creature? You€™re right. It doesn€™t. However, that doesn€™t stop the beast from being regularly sighted throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere. He isn€™t alone, either. The Beast of Bray Road has at least one cousin in The Michigan Dogman, another shaggy-haired, bipedal wolf-like creature. The Dogman€™s legend dates back to the late 19th century, but it gained renewed popularity in the late 1980€™s when a local radio DJ made a song about him/it. In addition, hoaxed footage of the Dogman (convincing enough to baffle more than a few experts) purportedly taken in the 1970€™s was famously created in 2007 by ingenious amateur filmmaker Mike Agrusa. Agrusa also made a gory sequel to his classic hoax a short time later. Tales of wolf-men are common throughout the United States; such creatures are described in the Louisiana folk tales of the Loup Garou (no doubt an offshoot of French werewolf tales/events, such as the murder spree attributed to the famous Beast of Gévaudan in the 1760€™s). However, whilst it is tempting to ascribe a European origin to all werewolf mythology, let us not forget that Native American tales of shape-shifting €˜Skinwalkers€™ share much in common with European werewolf stories... In 2006, a family living on a remote farm in Palmyra, Maine reported experiencing a horrifying night, as a pack of large, wolf-like beasts with glowing eyes surrounded their house and threatened all inside... Could all these stories be describing a real creature? Or do they merely speak to an unconscious fear of the predator within by giving a name and a form to the howling, animalistic id within us all, yearning to be free? Either way, it€™s a pretty scary prospect.
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