10 Thoughts British Men Have When Getting A Haircut

When "You've taken too much off" becomes "... it looks great."


Who'd have thought that something as simple as getting a haircut can make men travel through a broad range of emotions and thought processes in an average 30 minute visit to the hairdressers?

Whether they're visiting the same place they've gone to for the umpteenth time, or finally checking out the one they said they were going to for however long, men still end up having the same experience no matter where they find themselves getting a trim.

Long or short, curly or straight, it seems men of all hair types are predestined to suffer all the same at the hands of blissfully unaware hairdressers. From the moment men sit down in the usually lavish waiting area, to the moment they exit the salon, the brain waves are firing from one thought to the next.

If only hairdressers had mind reading powers. They'd not only figure out exactly how to cut said hair perfectly, but they'd also know the torture men go through each and every time...

10. Getting VERY Militant About Your Place In The Queue


As soon as any man walks into a hairdressers, before his bottom even touches the seat, he's already scanned every face in the waiting area. This isn't for a sense of security or to spot someone they may know. It is simply a revision of who in the unspoken law of British queuing is allowed to go before them.

One by one, as others get up to go and get their heads sheered, said man edges ever closer to taking their turn. But the face-scanning doesn't stop, as others enter afterwards.

Men always take a mental note to who is before and after them, and some form of a gentleman can even be seen when one man doesn't realise it's his turn, and another prompts him with a "That's you, I think". (The "I think" is a matter of fact).

It is also where the caveman side may show, as men can get overly protective in their place in the queue when they feel someone is about to jump ahead. They'll frog leap out of their seat as soon as the words "Who's next?" are spoken to guard their place and show that they've been keeping track.

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