10 Ways Hunter S Thompson Was Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

A handful of examples that show how Hunter S Thompson was an absolute legend of a man.


Hunter S Thompson is an almost peerless legend when it comes to journalism and American writing in general. The man’s work is often found throughout many American school’s curriculum for God’s sake, which when considering the gravity of the man is an honour that is still somehow a low point in his career.

From covering everything from presidential elections to prestigious sporting events and documenting all sorts of craziness like his own booze fuelled benders and narrow escapes from the law, Thompson enjoyed, or more accurately endured, plenty of American culture.

The original ‘gonzo journalist’ (who, by the bye, coined that term), Thompson’s eccentric nature was almost as well documented as his work, with those closest rarely knowing how to handle him and those who have so much as glanced as his work could easily notice. Though the truth still stands that even with his disturbing and dubious past there are some truly stand out examples of how the writer was, to use his own words, ‘too weird to live yet too rare to die’.

Even if throughout most of his adult life he was more often than not more drug than man he was still a well-respected and greatly admired wordsmith, the likes of which has inspired generations of writers, such as yours truly, and surely will continue to do so for many years to come...


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