15 Photos That Totally Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

"Hey, y'all, watch this!"

It's a fact - women tend to live longer than men. While there are legitimate scientific reasons for this phenomenon, it can't be denied that intelligence plays a massive role in everyday survival of the fittest. This isn't to say that men are dumb, but they certainly seem to make far more reckless decisions than women do. Do you ever hear of women carrying home appliances on their backs for miles? Hanging and jumping out of windows? Just generally throwing safety and care to the wind? No, these sensational stories seem to focus solely around the poor decisions of men. Again, this isn't to say that men, as a whole, are less intelligent than women. There are certainly brilliant and heroic men in the world- Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, and Winston Churchill, to name just a few- but there are also men who are complete and utter dolts: men who forget how electricity works; that gravity is always applicable; that the "coolest" idea isn't always the best idea; and that their own mortality is very, very real. Men who might be smart in theory but really, truly, profoundly dumb in life. These are those men.

15. No Stepladder? Use A Door!

It's not uncommon for people to perch themselves atop some strange and precarious things but really, a door is the best he could come up with? Assuming he's a repairman and not just some bloke fooling about in a vent, isn't there ladder on hand for situations like this? A stack of crates, maybe, or a chair balanced on a desk, but a door? A door moves; there's little surface area upon which to stand. When it comes down to it, a door is a downright piss-poor choice of elevation. Oh, and another mystery: just how did he get up there?

14. Who Needs Safety?

Yes, you counted that right: that is no fewer than six men on one motorbike. Or rather, five men on a motorbike with a sixth sat on top of the stack. Either way, IT IS SO DANGEROUS. A sharp turn, sudden stop, or, honestly, strong gust of wind could send those careless comrades flying. And the kid sitting on top of Passenger #5's shoulders? He either drew the short straw or is just a complete and utter lunatic.

13. How To Be Mauled In One Easy Step

How much alcohol d'you reckon was involved here? It must have been quite a lot to make planking FACE DOWN ON A BLOODY TIGER seem like a good idea. It's not like a tiger is a massive, sharp-clawed, large-toothed wild animal or anything. No, surely nothing tragic could come of using a giant cat as a prop for what probably seemed like the ultimate photo op. It doesn't matter if the tiger's in a zoo or someone's (probably illegal) pet; they're not domesticated. They will maul you. Now THAT would be one intense photo.
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