20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Stephen King

1. Some People Think He Killed John Lennon

Stephen King Shot John Lennon

King has been accused of a lot of things during his career. Critics of a more literary bent have slammed his writing for being perfunctory or even hacky. Readers have misunderstood his intentions, assuming that racist characters meant King held prejudices of his own (despite said characters always being crazy unsympathetic). Then there is the very small minority who have genuinely accused Stephen King of murder.

And not just any murder. Oh no. There are a €“ admittedly relatively small €“ contingent of vocal conspiracy theorists who think that King was the real perpetrator of the killing of John Lennon. The starting point appears to just be King's semi-resemblance to the actual murderer, loner Mark David Chapman.

Besides the dark hair and glasses, though, there's apparently a load of coded messages throughout King's books (with a more obvious one being The Dead Zone's story of...an assassination) about the killing, his years of substance abuse are put down to guilt, and his being run over? An attempt to silence him by the CIA, duh.

Did Stephen King kill the Beatle under the command of Richard Nixon and/or Ronald Reagan? Where would he find the time?

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