5 Most Kick Ass Parties Ever

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<![CDATA[// < !;b.type="text/javascript";b.async=!0;b.src="http://s.moatads.com/w00tmedia883Papz61/moatcontent.js";a.parentNode.insertBefore(b,a)})(); // ]]]]><![CDATA[>]]>Following the teams working hard in challenge 1 to produce their own music video, this next challenge puts them back on more familiar territory. With a Red Party set to be held in each city on 27th August, every team has been tasked with finding ingenious and ever creative ways to raise awareness, and help build up anticipation for the upcoming events. The winner is the team that can create the biggest buzz within the own respective cities, and attract the most amount of media attention - simple! They must look to utilise their strength of imagination and skills to ramp up excitement. To do this that have each come up with inventive, high impact, ambitious stunts and approaches to announce the parties. Of course, the people overseeing their efforts and ultimately judging and deciding on which team has done best as on all their challenges, are the four mentors; Carly Wilford, Pavan Mukhi, Stuart Warren-Hill, and David Bailey.


Name - The Big Smoke Stunt - As well as looking to create a stir on social media, the team have looked to use the iconic Truman Brewery tower as a means to grab people's attention and stoke their intrigue. To really create a spectacle they arranged for red smoke to be pumped out of the brewery's tower - a tower that has been completely out of operation since production stopped at Black Eagle Brewery in 1989. A feat which got everybody looking! Followed by sampling on Brick Lane during a bespoke DJ set, and hosting a purposely compiled radio show, the team also used every opportunity to distribute flyers to invite people to the party. Follow the team @cityhack_LDN


Name - Shifted Spaces Stunt - Stunt - The Bristol team have looked to take true landmarks of the city, and use their historical significance as a backdrop to what proved to be a spectacular show of lights and lasers meshed with stomping beats and a killer party. On board the Matthew Boat - a replica of the British ship that first discovered North America - the show was set up using over 7.5 tonnes of production equipment and delivered a show that was the talk of the town right in the heart of the city.


Name - Rain City Movement Stunt - With big beats and an energy infused approach the Manchester team brought their clubnight to the streets, driving around the city in a van and getting the party started wherever they stopped. The team's giant digital billboard came along with them, to spread their vibrant message to the people of Manchester. Follow the team @cityhack_manc Visit the Desperados CityHack page for more details. Click 'Next' to see 5 Most Kick Ass Parties Ever...
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