5 Things About America That The UK Doesn't Understand

We Americans have some quirky habits.

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America is a proud nation, and rarely likes to admit fault. Instead, we make a clearly obvious mistake like the KFC Double Down, (a sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken instead of breading), or the KFC Famous Bowl, (a bowl full of leftovers, that you buy like it's new and fresh), and instead say "NO! This was intentional, and this is wonderful!"

We're that kid on the playground during a game of Power Rangers that insists you didn't shoot them, that they dodged the shot with their laser force shield deflector, and it bounced back and hit you. We make no mistakes, ever. There are a few things in the U.S. that makes no sense outside of our borders. From our ridiculous foods, to our patriotism, to our insistence that football is better than soccer, we seem to just do things weirdly different from everyone else.

Some of it's more benign and silly, some dangerous and stupid. It's a dark ride, folks, so sit back, relax, and let an American tell you why we’re the way we are, and while we’re at it, lets try to figure out what started the whole mess.

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