Rebelling against your parents, boy bands who want to look manly and proving your love to the girl you have known for two weeks. Some of the reasons for getting a tattoo have to be water tight.

Declaring your love for a film, TV show or musician is perfectly acceptable but you have to make sure the tattoo you choose to have permanently inked onto your skin is not something you will end up regretting. I speak with some degree of personal experience, having, in my early 20′s, got ”I’d buy that for a dollar” on my arm to show the average train commuter (who doesn’t care) how much of a fan I am of RoboCop.

But as much as I might regret getting the line from the Paul Verhoeven classic tattooed on my arm, it’s nothing compared to these disasters that people have had etched onto various parts of their body.

So come with us as WhatCulture takes you on a tour of the deranged and show you bodies that you wouldn’t want to wake up next to, as we countdown 50 of the worst pop culture tattoos ever plastered on the human body.


50. Zigazig Oh??

spice (2)

I’ll tell you what I don’t want, what I really really don’t want, a tattoo that became irrelevant in 1999. The fact that the overweight spice girls fan might have Siouxsie And The Banshees lyrics tattooed on his arm can’t save him from the embarrassment of having the front cover of the Spice Girls debut album tattooed across his spotty belly. I can only imagine what the tattoo artist was thinking as he coloured in Geri Halliwell’s gurning face. Maybe it was “Stop right now, thank you very much!”.

But at least the Spice Girls in the tattoo resemble their real counterparts, unlike this attempt at recreating Mel C which comes somewhere between a Sky News presenter and a missing persons picture.

sportyspice (2)

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This article was first posted on February 8, 2013