8 Most Casually Badass Things The Human Race Has Ever Done

8. Body Modification


Whether your skin is covered in tattoos, or you've got someone else's kidney, almost nobody dies the way they were born in the human race.

Modifying, augmenting and enhancing our bodies has become so commonplace, that we think absolutely nothing of slicing into our flesh and then sewing it back up again; removing a part of our intestine is considered a routine operation and we will regularly move the organs from dead bodies into living ones and then carry on going about our day to day business as though nothing has happened.

Not to mention all the painful procedures that we put ourselves through in the pursuit of beauty. We will stab ourselves with ink, fire metal bars through our skin, purposefully scar ourselves for decoration, implant lumps of silicone to alter the shapes of our bodies and god knows what else. Hell, Chinese women used to break their own feet and stuff them into tiny shoes in the name of beauty.

This is just the beginning too. With a whole host of implantable tech and insane cosmetic procedures on the horizon, it wouldn't be surprising if we became virtually unrecognisable over the next few hundred years or so.

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