10 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Moments Ever

10. His Manchester United Debut

Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport

As "one of the most exciting players" Sir Alex Ferguson had ever seen, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United with a lot of media hype surrounding him. No one can possibly imagine how difficult it must've been for the 18 year old to walk around his new home of Manchester without being mobbed by the press despite only costing £12.24 million.

Just four days after his transfer was sealed, Ronaldo found himself on the bench for Manchester United's game against Bolton Wanderers (16 August 2003). Sir Alex Ferguson hailed him as a brilliant player but couldn't justify his involvement from the kick off: just three days of training and the youngster's as-yet undeveloped English proved problematic.

Despite the language barrier and Ronaldo's relative lack of experience in the professional game, the Portuguese winger was introduced on 60 minutes for United stalwart Nicky Butt. Football changed forever.

A 30 minute cameo saw Ronaldo torture Bolton's right side, win a penalty, and create more chances than he should ever have been permitted. His shirt didn't fit properly, his hair was misguided, and he didn't seem to communicate all that well with his colleagues, but a legend was born that day - a legend that still goes on.


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