10 Football Records That Will Never Be Broken

They often say that records are made to be broken - but not all can be!

Raoul Dixon/epa/Corbis

With the summer's transfer window wide open, silly season has began early this year with massive fees flying round here, there, and everywhere. As Sunderland's Jordan Pickford made a quick return to the Premier League by joining Everton to become the third most expensive goalkeeper in history after only one full top tier season under his belt, it's only a matter of time before the world transfer record, currently held by Manchester United's Paul Pogba, is smashed - yet again.

Far too often players are being sold at hugely inflated prices and with Monaco and France's latest teenage sensation, Kylian Mbappe, being touted as the man to break the £100m barrier, you can fully expect that yellow strap-line to shoot across the Sky Sports News screen this summer stating another record has been broken. Who knows, their Deadline Day coverage might actually be worth tuning into once again!

However, as transfer talk goes into overdrive and sheikhs continue to splash their pocket money on their latest toy, there are still many records that are unlikely to be broken anytime soon - if ever at all.


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