10 Game-Changing Premier League Summer Transfers

The transfer deals that made you forget about sunning yourself on a beach.


As the great Will Smith once said, the summertime is when you can sit back and unwind. Big Willie would've never made it as a football manager though, as for these men the summer is not designed for relaxing. It's the time to dust off the fax machine, get on the phone, and start wheeling and dealing in the transfer market.

With the Premier League shutting up shop, the summer has always been a busy time for clubs to complete their transfer business. But when the transfer window was first introduced in 2002, the off-season dealing suddenly intensified. With the window closing shut in September until New Year's Day, the summer heat was most definitely on for Premier League clubs.

For us fans, we spend the summers nervously glued to the gossip columns, desperate for any clue to potential new signings, or if our sulky teenage prodigy is reluctantly staying for one more year. Any deal over these months has the potential to make or break the coming campaign, with everyone chasing that big game-changing summer move.

There are only a select few though, that have put pen to paper and actually achieved it.


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