10 Great Footballers Who Made Terrible Managers

2. Diego Maradona

Maradona There's not much more that can be said about Diego Maradona's playing career that hasn't been said already. An iconic figure of the game, known for his outlandish skill and flamboyancy, he's adored by everybody except some England fans who never quite got over 1986. Quite possibly the greatest footballer of all time, he became a legend through his performances for the national team and role in the great Napoli side of the 80's. Maradona was awarded the Argentinian national team job in 1998, defeating competition in the form of playing legend Diego Simeone and the more experienced and eventual successor, Sergio Batista. Maradona's spell as manager of the country that idolised him was a period of mounting disasters. He oversaw the humiliating 6-1 defeat to Bolivia, had a contentious relationship with the media and his baffling team selections baffled everybody, in particular his faith in Jonas Gutierrez. His tenure came to a climax at the 2010 World Cup where Argentina edged through the group stages despite being destroyed by South Korea. Argentina's tournament ended with a 4-0 mauling by Germany and it was Maradona's last game in charge of the national team. Maradona attempted to recover in club management, being out in charge of the Arab club, Al-Wasi. He only lasted 22 games, of which 10 were defeats. Maradona was never seen as an ideal candidate for football management and sadly, the mercurial figure just doesn't seem cut out for it as wherever he has been, the results have been disastrous.

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