10 Things Premier League Needs To Learn From American Sports

America, the land of the free and home of the brave, a civilisation that has given people round the world…

Ian Newby


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America, the land of the free and home of the brave, a civilisation that has given people round the world so much, from loud snarling muscle cars to donuts of many sizes and sprinkles. There are even entire comedic segments about their obesity and seemingly lack of knowledge about anything outside of America. All joking aside America is a fantasy destination for many people round the world myself included who would all love to live in an optimistic, vastly populated yet very different country .Your TV shows are big budget and high quality making them apparently irresistible to any other TV network, your loud action movies blow things up in amazing detail and your weather ranges beautifully from burning hot deserts to waist high snow fall and the occasional twister.

Most of us, particularly in the UK, model ourselves after so much of American culture from the way we present our news to the clothes we wear the food we eat and the scary obsession with minor celebrities. The goal for every British star of music, stage or screen always talks about going over and making it big in America. With that small piece for the American tourist board done that brings us to this list which is simply to debate or even just make you think about certain rules and ideas from American sports that could be transfixed onto our own English Premier League.

Now we might laugh at some American sports in the UK [which is rich considering we invented darts then put it on TV] but some American sporting rules are very smart and inventive and might be able to solve several problems football [I’m not calling it soccer in this article should point that out now football is the one with round ball and a goal not the heavily padded ball throwing one] now despite the Premier League already has enough silly laws to fill up several badly written celebrity books I think some ideas from our American cousins could help the game. So which American sporting laws do I think could play a big part in helping the Premier League?