5 Footballers Who Were Transferred For Food

Mclenahan Ice Cream

In this mega-bucks modern age where top level clubs thought nothing of spending £40 or £50 million during the last transfer window, it's easy to forget that football hasn't always been such big business and, in some parts of the world, still isn't. Nevertheless, a big new signing can make all the difference to a club no matter at what level they play. Of course, if a team's a bit strapped for cash then they can get a little creative to ensure that they get their man. You may have heard of how top flight players like John Barnes and Ian Wright got their first transfers in exchange for training kit and equipment for their local club, but some transfer fees have been a little less pragmatic and a little more gastronomic. Yes, while a player is yet to be transferred for literally peanuts, there have still been a few occasions where apparently a few sausages are enough to secure a solid centre back. These five instances of players being sold for food have got to be some of the strangest transfer fees in football history.

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