5 Most Brutal Acts Of Revenge In Football History

Revenge is a dish best served as a kick to the b*llocks.

brutal acts of revenge

Football is game littered with so many bad guys. Y'know, those pantomime villains or outright sh*thouses who you can't help but look at and salivate at the prospect of them finally getting their comeuppance.

More often than not, of course, very few of these people every really have any sort of revenge or payback inflicted upon them - particularly with the direction that the beautiful game has been going in over the past few years.

Still, that's not to say that there aren't some fantastic examples of utterly brutal acts of revenge being inflicted on a player at certain points. And it's with that trail of thought that we're going to stick with here.

Ahead, we've picked out five brilliant examples of karma coming back to firmly bite someone on the backside - be it in sheer physical brutality, more of a mental attack, or even just a case of a player being able to stick the proverbial middle finger up at someone.

What that in mind, then, here are five such times where brutal acts of revenge and payback was served up in the beautiful game.


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