Chelsea Transfers: 10 Greatest Ever Foreign Imports

9. Tore Andre Flo

tore andre flo Cost: £300,000 Appearances: 163 Goals: 50 Flo€™s time at Chelsea was a even more of a bargain when you look at what happened when he left the club. Signed in 1997 for £300,000, he was their top goalscorer in the 1999/00 season, helping the club win the FA Cup. With his stock in the stratosphere, he was sold to Glasgow Rangers in 2000 for around £14,000,000, followed by a disastrous move to Sunderland 2 seasons later. Flo would spend from then until now slumbering around from club to club, dining on meek rations of goals not fit to feed a child (including a particularly sad goalless season at MK Dons). Chelsea had the very best of Flo's talents and sent him on his way with perfect timing. Source - Chelsea FC

8. Petr Cech

Cost: £7,000,000 Appearances: 402 Goals: 0 One of a number of early Abramovich-era signings who were originally linked to Manchester United, even those who expected big things from Cech as he arrived at Stamford Bridge could not have expected to be as fantastic as he has been for the club. In his first season, he set an English top flight record by going 1,024 minutes without conceding a goal. 8 years on he is still a vital cog in the blue machine and is now considered among the Premier League's goalkeeping greatest. Cech is one of a handful of players signed by Jose Mourinho who really personified the manager's preference to steely determination and his obsession with success, the best example being when he fractured his skull, returning to the field just 3 months later. He also overcame a list of injuries to play in the 2008 Champion's League final, almost dragging them to victory on penalties before John Terry saved Manchester United's bacon by aiming his penalty at God. No doubt Cech will add quite a bit to his impressive appearance tally before he leaves Chelsea, and perhaps a few more trophies too. Sources : Chelsea Website

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