It has long been a subject to strike fear into Everton fans’ very beings, but the football spotlight has once again fallen on the future of manager, David Moyes.

This month marks 11 years of Moyes’ reign in the Everton hot-seat and the inevitable, almost annual, question surrounding his future has returned once more. And unfortunately for Blues fans, with the Scot’s contract expiring in the summer, the FA Cup now gone for another year and only a slim chance of securing a Champions League spot, now might be the perfect time for Moyes to move on.

Here are 5 reasons why he should consider it…

5. Fulfilled Potential

Moyes took charge of a club that had finished in the bottom half of the league for 8 out of their first 9 Premier League seasons. Since his appointment, the pendulum has swung dramatically in the other direction with Everton finishing 7 of the last 8 seasons in the top 8. With little means to compete financially, Everton’s success on the pitch has been strongly attributed to Moyes’ handling of team affairs.

The ever-present question for a few years now is has Moyes taken Everton as far as he can? The popular belief is that to finish any higher than Everton’s Premier League-best fourth place requires a mix of significant team investment and good management. A top 4 finish and Champions League spot this season would be a massive achievement and no doubt hand Moyes more resources to better compete from the start of the next campaign.

But with the Premier League already the millionaires’ playground it is and the spending by other clubs fighting for the same positions, Everton may need to provide significant player investment every season to maintain such a high finish. Moyes will be better placed than most to judge whether the club are financially capable to continually secure a top 4 finish in future seasons, in spite of his obvious managerial talent.

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This article was first posted on April 3, 2013