When Lewis Holtby arrived at Tottenham Hotspur, whilst something of a coup, he wasn’t necessarily seen by everybody as someone who would come in and make an immediate difference.

Despite having already gained 3 senior caps for Germany at international level, and despite a run of impressive performances for Schalke in the Bundesliga and Champions League, Holtby was seen as a player for the future – one with bags of potential.

Now, it may be very early to jump to such conclusions, but after 2 appearances from the subs bench since his arrival, Holtby actually looks to be someone who could make an immediate difference to a Tottenham team who are desperate to get back into the Champions League – a competition in which they performed so admirably in the 2010/11 season and a competition that they so heartbreakingly missed out on last year, despite finishing 4th, thanks to Chelsea winning it.

Against Norwich, in a rather brief appearance, Holtby played a part in the build-up to Gareth Bale’s equaliser. Against West Bromwich Albion, when he was forced to replace Jermain Defoe after just 38 minutes, Holtby looked incredibly eager to get on the ball, was always looking to keep his team ticking, and made some very astute and accomplished passes, not unlike a certain Croatian whose creativity Tottenham have been sorely missing since his departure to Real Madrid last year. The way Holtby weights a through-ball with that cultured left foot is nothing short of magnificent.

Just as pleasing is the fact that Holtby appears to be loving life at Tottenham. He told Sky Sports 1 after the West Brom game:

“The lads are all making it easy for me to play. It’s a fantastic club and I enjoy coming in every day.”

At only 22 years old and costing Tottenham a mere £1.5 million, Holtby can only improve and looks to be one of the bargains of the season. That said, I reiterate that it is very early days, and whether Holtby can keep up his early form and progress in the way that Tottenham fans hope is open to question.

What do you think? Can Lewis Holtby be as successful at Tottenham Hotspur as Luka Modric?

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013