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By the time Premier League champions Manchester City emerged from the tunnel at the Etihad ahead of their 4pm kick-off with Liverpool, the title gauntlet had well and truly been laid down at the feet of Roberto Mancini’s men.

Bitter rivals Manchester United had earlier in the weekend edged past Fulham to extent their lead at the top of the table by 10 points, a yawning chasm of a gap even if we are still in early February.

A win was imperative for City against Liverpool – it would have closed the gap to a more negotiable 7 points, and considering the Sky Blues shut down an 8 point gap going into the final weeks of last season’s nail-shredding title race, the Citizens may well have been feeling slightly more confident this morning.

But as it stands the gap is nine points after Brendan Rodgers’ side deservedly held the champions to a 2-2 draw. Roberto Mancini will tell you that the title race isn’t over but if this were a boxing match, City would definitely be on the ropes.

I believe, taking certain factors into consideration, that the Red Devils will definitely win this season’s Premier League, and here’s 5 reasons why.

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013