Brazilian footballers are known the world over for their wonderful skill, great technique and in general for possesing a massive talent. Talentful Brazilian players are playing all over the world in strong leagues like the Serie A, the Primera Divison and even some in the Premier League like Ramires, Sandro and Rafael.

Meanwhile other extremely talented players are playing in the Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro which is in all honesty not specifically known for its high level. Players like Leandro Damião and Neymar simply need to play in a stronger league in order to improve and become among the greatest players in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the Brazilian players around the world who needs to come to the Premier League to test their skills to the limit.



10. Hulk


After having been linked with European Champions Chelsea most of the last summer, Hulk made a surprising move to Russian Zenit St. Petersburg where he has had his problems so far this season. Only 2 goals to his name so far haven’t been able to delight the Russian fans and certainly not enough to justify Hulk’s enormous price and wages. Some supporters even went so far as placing a home-made ‘bomb’ with a picture on Hulk near Zenit’s club base.

Hulk’s massive wages has also caused internal unrest with Igor Denisov and Aleksandr Kerzhakov – two of the star players expressing their dissatisfaction. A move to the Premier League could get Hulk’s career back on track where his physical presence would fit great in the English game. And with all respect I believe that Hulk should go for a smaller team this time if he is guaranteed playing time, rather than wasting his time on the bench for one of the top four clubs.

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This article was first posted on January 31, 2013