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9 games are left in another gripping Premier League season and even with such little time left to go there are still some huge issues to be settled. From the almost all over title race to the growing fight for Europe and of course the battle just to stay in the division for one more year. Last weekend was full of big and important events from referee’s to tackles with plenty of controversial calls coupled with some shocking results like Everton pulling off a shock win to upset the league champions. The big London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal kept their seasons hopes alive with important victories while Man Und pushed themselves a step closer to 20 league titles with a hard fought win over Reading.

Spurs suffered a dent in their hopes of securing a Champions League place with an unforeseen home loss. Several safe mid table clubs like Norwich and West Brom gained draws to add points to their already impressive totals. Down the bottom vital wins came for Wigan, Southampton and Aston Villa giving them all a chance at surviving the dreaded drop. QPR’s great run was badly affected by their loss as was Liverpool’s momentum halted with a poor showing. The very best and worst of the English Premier League was on offer and so let’s look through 5 big talking points that we will keep talking about until the next batch of league games in two weeks’ time.

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This article was first posted on March 23, 2013