There Was One Positive For Newcastle Fans To Take From Leicester Shambles

Believe it or not...

And no, it's not that 'Iron' Mike Williamson is suspended for the West Brom game... The only positive that Newcastle United fans can take from the debacle they bore witness to at the King Power Stadium is that they saw their club at its worst. Surely? But then again, I'm a glass half full kind of guy... Now fans of an older vintage than this disgruntled 22-year-old will so poignantly recall of far worse times for those who followed the black and whites in the 80s and so on. Back then the club was flat on its face as opposed to being on its knees as it is today. But that shouldn't make the performance of everyone involved at Leicester any more acceptable. The game was a complete shambles from start to finish. Almost comical at times as the soap opera that is Newcastle United far surpassed anything seen in the Rovers Return or The Queen Vic. Even the most ardent Geordie had to admit that there was little hope of picking up anything against a Foxes side with their tails well and truly up, but not even they could have foreseen the unadulterated mess that played out. Then again, the lads messed up the typical Sunday league kick of routine of a knock back and 'howk' towards the corner at the start of the game, so the signs were there from the off. It was nothing more than a case of a game between a side that wanted it and a side that didn't, which has become increasingly commonplace in recent weeks and is the most worrying thing as The Magpies are sucked deeper into the proverbial relegation dog fight. Leicester weren't even that impressive. Yes, the scoreline could have been greater on the balance of play, but at the end of the day they only won the game by capitalising on Newcastle's seemingly evergreen frailties at set pieces and a moment of senselessness from Emmanuel Rivière. Schoolboy stuff. Despite that, those in black and white did everything in their power to make the blues of Leicester look more like the blues of Chelsea as the game descended into farce following the cowardly red cards of Messrs Williamson and Janmaat. Everyone with half a brain can see that John Carver is way out of his depth in his role as Head Coach of a 'Premier League', used in the loosest sense of the term, outfit. That means it's now time that the likes of Tim Krul, Fabricio Coloccini and Moussa Sissoko to make up for Geordie John's ineptitude and drag their teammates off the floor ahead of the final three games of the season. For all the latest NUFC News, Views and Transfers make sure to follow WhatCultureNUFC on Twitter and Facebook.
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