Microsoft has much to learn from Sony.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 have been at it for years now. With the ‘Xbox 720′ and ‘PS4′ on the horizon, there are lessons that need to be learned from both sides of this console ‘war’.

Released in 2005, a year before the PS3 – the Xbox 360 amazed its audience with its stunning new visuals. A select audience were shown videos of the graphical power that the Xbox had to offer. On top of that, new features were introduced: wireless controllers, an in-game achievement system, friends lists, xbox avatars - the list goes on. To this day, the Xbox 360 is one of the most commonly used consoles. Not only is the 360 a great gaming console, but it has a great social aspect to it. However in some cases, when compared to Sony’s Playstation 3, the Xbox falls flat.

Countless advertisements and featured releases have made these the two largest franchises in the console industry. Upon their release, people began arguing about which was better.  Flame wars began on YouTube and other social sites: death threats, curse words and grudges filled the internet. This ‘fanboy-ism’ made people too loyal towards their consoles. Let’s face it: modern gamers are less likely to admit that there is something ‘wrong’ their console – we dislike the feeling of ‘buyer’s remorse’.

In order to prevent the mistake of purchasing something that may cause people to jump onto a virtual train track and get hit by a virtual train, I have prepared a list to help Microsoft improve. This list should shape what Microsoft’s engineers will need to look for when designing their next-gen console.


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This article was first posted on February 18, 2013