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Have you seen Phoneblok? It’s a genius idea! Imagine a phone that doesn’t require total replacement if a tiny wire wears out on the inside! As a tech nut, I regularly pull apart my phone to fix minor errors, replacing worn out or damage internals with after-market supplies bought on eBay. However, for someone who doesn’t understand the technology within their smartphone, a damaged screen means game over for their phone. Most people don’t bother fixing the problem, they either send it for repairs, or use it as an excuse to upgrade.

However Phoneblok seems set to change that! You can adapt your phone to your own needs, such as getting rid of storage to make room for a bigger battery, or replacing a cheaper camera with a better one, etc.

If processor speed isn’t important, but larger speakers are, then you get better speakers. It’s genius! And probably wont work (yet).

Here’s five reasons why…

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This article was first posted on September 16, 2013