iPhone 5 Release Date is 21st September

The waiting is finally over! Find out the iPhone’s release date here.

The wait is finally over! Today, just moments ago in fact, Apple unveiled the release date for their newest iPhone – the iPhone 5 – and it’s a moment that millions of Apple fan boys and girls have been awaiting with bated breath since… well since the release of the iPhone 4. Well, they can now finally breathe, because at the iPhone launch event today at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, the release date was finally announced.

Mark your calendars people, for your next smart phone will be available to purchase on September 21st and you can start pre-ordering (might be best, as these bad boys will likely fly off the shelves like hot cakes) from as early as the 14th Spetember.

The iPhone 5 excitement hit the roof earlier this month when Apple invited the global media to their launch event by sending out rather classy, and characteristically simplistic invitations which all but screamed that they’d be unveiling details on their next iPhone at their much anticipated event today.

Today has also marked the first iPhone launch event since the untimely death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, with the new CEO Tim Cook taking centre stage to reveal the details that the world has been waiting for.

The iPhone 5 will cost the same as the iPhone 4S did, Apple said: $199 for 16 GB; $299 for 32GB; and $399 for 64GB with a two-year contract.

Will you be rushing out to preorder? Or are you so over iPhone, you hip devil you. Do let us know in the comments box below.