E3 2012


10 Of E3's Worst Video Game Showcases Yet

Wii Music, 2008. Never forget.
By Cole Collinson

The Best Of Xbox One At E3 - Video

By Michael Atkinson

Black Ops 2: 5 Reasons It Will Be the Best Call of Duty Ever

Black Ops II has all the makings of the best Call of Duty game since 2007.
By Edward Smith

GHY Podcast #2.5 - Remembering E3 2012

This week Game Hates You reflects on an largely underwhelming E3.
By Jim Cross

Watch Dogs: How Ubisoft Avoided Leaks Pre E3

The developer achieved the seemingly impossible by keeping Watch Dogs under wraps - here's how...…
By Laura Kate

E3 2012: Did We Bid Farewell To Big Budget Horror?

If E3 taught us one thing, it was that the horror genre has changed fundamentally. But have we seen the end of conventional horror?…
By Corey Milne

Elder Scrolls Online Revealed As Huge Change From Skyrim

E3 2012 gave the game's developers a chance to shed some light on what we are to expect...
By Paul_D

E3 2012: 10 Games We Can't Wait To Play

There's plenty quality content on the way, and narrowing down the list to just ten titles was no easy task! …
By Corey Milne

E3 2012: Rayman Legends Provides Fun With Friends

Ubisoft provides Wii U lovers with another reason to pick up the brand new system.
By Michael Shelton

The Last Of Us: The Ultimate Survival Horror?

Sony's most exciting exclusive at E3 may be just what is needed to breath new life into the survival horror genre.…
By Ed Moorhouse