Elder Scrolls Online Revealed As Huge Change From Skyrim

E3 2012 gave the game's developers a chance to shed some light on what we are to expect...

Along with speculation about upcoming Skyrim DLC over the past few months, Elder Scrolls fans were circulating rumours of a multiplayer aspect to the award-winning game series. I doubted these rumours greatly to begin with, so you can understand my shock when The Elder Scrolls Online was announced. E3 gave the game's developers a chance to shed some light on what we are to expect out of the game.


The game takes place in Tamriel around 1000 years before the events of Skyrim, in the second era. For those of you not familiar on law, the game comes before Tiber Septim, the founder of the Empire that Oblivion and Skyrim revolved around. With no absolute power over the mythical continent of Tamriel, this is a time of chaos and war between rivaling factions. The entire continent has been confirmed to be included in the game. Daggerfell hasn't been seen in TES in 20 years, and the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, Elsweyr and High Rock (to my knowledge) have never appeared in the games, so I for one am excited to see some new locations and features. The style of the game seems to be bright and cartoon-like, in contrast to the realistic look that Skyrim aimed for. The developers claim that this is not only to take into account the different art and culture across Tamriel, but to also make the graphics take up less processing power. Also I can see this, I would much rather have a game that looked like Skyrim than just another MMO.

The Factions

Tamriel has been split into four sections, each with its own nations and races: The Daggerfell Covenant: Based in High Rock and Daggerfell, with Orcs, Redguards and Bretons as playable characters The Ebonheart Pact: Set in Skyrim, Morrowind and Cyrodiil, with Nords, Dark Elves and Argonians as playable characters The Aldmeri Dominion: Based in the Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsywer, with High Elves, Wood Elves and Khajiit as playable characters The Imperials: Based in Cyrodiil, they are the only non-playable faction With each faction attempting to make a claim for the throne, the Imperials are the main antagonists for all three sides. On the border of each faction, there is contested land, allowing combat between factions to take place easily, as well as giving it a purpose. Click "next" to read part 2...

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