WWE Brand Split

Latest Details & Rumors On The Superstar Shake-up

The situation is fluid and is changing by the hour.
By Brad Hamilton

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Been Directionless During The Brand Split

Not everyone has stood to benefit from the Brand Split.
By Graham Matthews

WWE Universal Championship Design Leaked?

Can we expect a bit more colour to come with the gold?
By John Bills

10 Biggest Mistakes Of WWE's New Era Thus Far

Is this just the PG Era all over again?
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WWE Bringing Squash Matches Back To TV?

Fans of sub-60 second matches, rejoice!
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10 Reasons To Be Optimistic Following WWE Draft 2016

It's not all doom and gloom...
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MVP And Shelton Benjamin Returning To WWE?

More faces from the past are coming back to pad out the rosters in the wake of the draft split.
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10 Biggest Missed Opportunities From WWE Draft 2016

WWE's new era hits a number of bumps in the road.
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WWE Draft 2016 Results: Full Rosters Revealed For Raw And Smackdown

The lines are drawn!
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Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan Named As WWE Raw And SmackDown General Managers

WWE bring back two popular former World Champions for the coveted GM spots.
By Scott Fried