MVP And Shelton Benjamin Returning To WWE?

More faces from the past are coming back to pad out the rosters in the wake of the draft split.

MVP Shelton Benjamin

Coming soon after news that Curt Hawkins and Rhyno were about to rejoin the full-time WWE roster is the revelation that former stars Shelton Benjamin and MVP will also be making a return.

This was revealed by former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long during a recent episode of the Gerweck Report Podcast. Long disclosed that he had personally talked with MVP at a show and that he had let slip that both he and Benjamin were on their way back to the company, once medical testing had been completed.

41-year-old Benjamin, a former WWE Tag Team, Intercontinental and United States Champion, has most recently been plying his trade for the Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion in Japan as well as several independent organisations in America and around the world.


He is still in phenomenal condition and, on his day, more than capable of producing the goods in the ring. At one point he was one of the most exciting members of the WWE roster but he was released in April 2010 after years of of floundering and missed opportunities.

MVP Drive By Shelton Benjamin

MVP, also a former WWE Tag Team and US Champ, asked for and requested his release in early 2011 so that he could go and work for New Japan Pro Wrestling, a lifelong career goal of his. Similar to Benjamin, the 42-year-old and had seen his stock drop in the months before he was let go.


Since his release he has worked for NJPW, TNA and various independent companies and almost signed with Lucha Underground in April of this year, before he was released for violating the terms of his contract when he interviewed members of the LU roster for his podcast (The VIP Lounge).

It will be interesting to see where Benjamin and MVP end up in WWE and what role they will take going forward.

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