10 Awesome TV Shows Whose Hype Totally Backfired!

These shows may be awesome, but too much hype can backfire hard.


If there is any important lesson to be gleaned from our modern media landscape, it's this: corporate monopolies on media enterprises is a bad idea that drowns out creativity and healthy competition in pursuit of the bottom line. But only SLIGHTLY less important a lesson is this: nothing turns potential new viewers off from your product more effectively than too much hype.

You would think that the best way to get someone to watch something would be to tell them what makes it so damn great. But there comes a point, whether it's near constant word of mouth or advertising being crammed full of the thing 24/7 or both, when hype can in fact scare people off.

And sometimes if they do watch it, their expectations become so high that nothing could match it, and the little problems with the show that you didn't notice become IMMEDIATELY noticeable to them. After all, if this show is so awesome, why did it do this thing, or that thing, or this other thing?

But that doesn't detract from the quality of the shows themselves, it just proves that maybe we should all dial it back a notch. From advertising campaigns to constant public presence, the hype may be real, but it can definitely be too much.


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