10 Exact TV Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

The exact moment The Simpsons turned bad has finally been located!

Gene Page/AMC

The term "Rage Quit" used to refer to players getting so ticked off with a video game they'd toss their controller away in a white-hot fury, and never to return to it. In recent years it’s been adopted by TV viewers to describe the moment they get so angered by a show they used to love, that they vow to quit watching.

This is usually an empty threat made in the heat of the moment, though sometimes they really mean it. With so much media vying for our attention we have to invest time wisely, be it in a show, a movie series or a video game.

If we get angry or bored with something there are plenty of other options available, so the mature consumer is within their right to childishly quit a TV show over an episode they hated.

Snarkiness aside, quitting a show running on fumes is always the better choice, since watching something for the sake of it isn’t very healthy. Here are ten moments that made loyal viewers quit a series, and the reasons why they were so annoyed.


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